Photography Exhibition, 2019

Curation, Graphic Design
Photos Naomi Wood

Marking the release of Elbow Grease Magazine Vol. 2 with a night of field music and photographs documenting abandoned buildings in the UK, held at Rough Trade Bristol.

This exhibition was organised in the hope of highlighting a growing concern and inspire a more resourceful attitude.


The Event

This project started with a photo essay originally commissioned for Elbow Grease Vol. 2. Naomi Wood documented the now abandoned Chance Bothers Glassworks in Birmingham to be presented in the magazine along with a poem by Paul Redmond.

We later decided to show the series of photos in full at Rough Trade Bristol to launch the magazine.

Only a generation ago this slice of the West Midlands was heaving with industry, now most of these buildings have been demolished and those that are left behind are totally empty.
— Naomi Wood, Photographer

The Poster

The poster designed to commemorate the exhibition features a smashed window. The broken window Theory is the idea that visible signs of crime create an urban environment that encourages further crime. Not only are empty spaces a poor use of resources, just the sight of them can damage the community.

Printed at 16 Tonne Press using Titanium White ink on Mohawk Loop Black 298gsm. Ed. 25. Signed & numbered.

The subject of Abandonment carries a lot of emotional weight, and having seen images of the Chance Glassworks, I instantly felt inspired.
— James Mitchell, Producer
Always looking for a challenge, I knew I wanted to try and capture that feeling. I decided that the best way to represent the location would be by composing a piece of experimental music from found sounds captured on location.
— James Mitchell


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