Ecuador Apparel

Ecuador Apparel
Clothing Brand, 2017

Brand Identity, Graphic Design
Collaborators Oliver Stafford, Barry Slater

Limited to 100 shirts, 13 designs, each based on a country on the equator. Each t-shirt was dyed by hand using colours representing the country’s main exports, meeting at the point the equator passes through each country.

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Production line

In a back garden over a summer the three of us designed, dyed and screen-printed 100 shirts. We documented the process to produce a photocopied zine given away at the launch event.

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The lookbook

T-shirts made, we grabbed some mates, shot them over the course of a day and produced a lookbook printed by Ex Why Zed in Colchester. The lookbook caught the attention of some local buyers but we didn’t intend on producing anymore shirts.

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The Launch

We organized a launch to give people the opportunity to learn more about the process and grab a shirt of their own. The profits of the project contributed to us exhibiting our work in London.


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