Elbow Grease

Elbow Grease Vol. 1
Magazine, 2017

Art Direction, Graphic Design
Illustration Will Harvey, Joe Gamble
Photography Naomi Wood

Elbow Grease is an independent magazine focused on telling stories of perseverance and hard graft through an expressive lens.

Our first issue is a uninhibited bolt through empowerment, disorder and change. With impulsive illustration and energetic writing we document adversity and risk.

Elbow Grease is a well-put together mag, it’s well structured, makes great use of illustration and brings together engaging characters.
— Jeremy Leslie, Magculture

Our Goal

Looking at the magazines on offer, and not content seeing independent business represented with stories of smooth sailing, we set out to voice a more honest portrayal of entrepreneurialism.

Something that made people want to make things happen without overlooking the obvious hurdles.

The design is of note; it offers a refreshing contrast to the norm.
— Sidonie Worren, Papersmiths
Elbow Grease very usefully shines light on where fulfilment may lie, even within the daily grind, as this impressive first issue shows us.
— Danial McCabe, Magalleria

Promotional Film

Thought we'd make a little video to introduce ourselves. Things get messy as we test the durability of Vol. 1 in our Kickstarter video.

Thanks to Katie, Callum and Eliot for lending a hand and Ulex for producing a suitably industrial track.


The Launch

It felt necessary to become an active part of our community. We joined Bristol Independent Publishers, who we threw our launch with, and we regularly talk at collages and universities about collaboration.

We’ve also opted not to use a distributor to create stronger relationships with our stockists and these are links we hope to maintain as the magazine grows.

Elbow Grease is a riot of energy, attitude and social comment, full to the brim with insight into the world of graft.
— Jon Coe, Pressing Matters

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