Elbow Grease Vol. 2

Elbow Grease Vol.2
Magazine, 2018

Art Direction, Graphic Design
Illustration Max loeffler
Photography Jack Minto

Elbow Grease is an independent magazine focused on telling stories of perseverance and hard graft through an expressive lens.

The second volume attempts to document the shift we’re all experiencing in work, told by those who it affects the most. We take a measured look at the professions on the chopping block and the trends hoping to replace them.

Elbow Grease has been well received by our savvy regulars as well as impulse buyers. The subject matter is refreshing, stimulating and ballsy.
— Sidonie Worren, Papersmiths

Our Goal

We didn’t set out to make a political magazine, but we were drawn to certain stories. Features exploring protest, socialist causes, and work related injustices are hard to disentangle from left-wing politics.

We believe certain values associated with these movements are ones we share, and anything that demonstrates those values is alright by us.

We offer a wide range of reading experiences, but there are spaces. So it’s great when a magazine comes along and really fills an information gap.
— Danial McCabe, Magalleria
What hit me was the attention to detail, the passion and digging beneath the ubiquitous Instagram favourites.
— Richard Clarke, Subscriber
In the new world of instant gratification and expected entitlement, Elbow Grease is a much needed reminder on the benefits of hard work and where it can get you.
— Sean McGowan, Subscriber


We focus on struggle more than reward in a hope to represent workers fairly.

From labourers who need to make ends meet to the fortunate few pursuing an obsession, we look at why people dedicate their lives to a craft, but more importantly how people can face such adversity and unfortunate odds and still thrive.

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