Katie Creates

Katie Creates
Identity, 2019

Brand Identity, Graphic Design
Fabrication Katie Hood

Katie is a fabricator and animator based in Bristol, UK. Her work centres around the nuances of bringing life to something otherwise inanimate, inspired by subtlety, hidden character and charm.


The Typeface

Precision is important to what she does, expressed through the fixed widths and hight of the typeface, but it also needed to be playful and fun, so we added quarks and subtle inconsistencies. I designed the logo with her building it in mind. Which she clearly killed.

Tom asked a lot of questions to understand how I want to be perceived. However, the quizzing was all worthwhile as his playful, approachable execution is true to my taste and work.
— Katie Hood

The Approach

It was important to us to represent some of Katie’s playful charecteristics in her identity. This wasn’t just achieved with her building block logo but by using the same bricks to assemble faces and patterns.



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